Brussels on your Iphone

Written by Frédéric Solvel - 20 Mar 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 09 Apr 2018, 14:10)
Brussels on your Iphone
Smart phones are everywhere... The Iphone is the trendy gift at the moment and remains the best of its kind, surpassing the Android and Symbian. Even if free public wifi is still but a dream in Brussels and 3G rates are a lot more expensive than in other European countries, Belgians are still big users of a number of apps.

That's why BrusselsLife is going to show you its apps selection so you can sync your Iphone with your Brussels lifestyle. Click here for all the links to download the applications below.


Thanks to this app, you'll know all you need about the STIB! With the delicate touch of your finger you will know the exact location of all lines of transport in real time. No more wasting time waiting on the bus! On the other side of things is the Contrôle Stib app. Let’s just say you can track the transportation authorities too…

And if you'd rather use Villo bikes, you will always know which stations are free or full thanks to AllBikesNow.

Stop calling to get a cab! Djump (link to download) invented a mobile app that allows you to quickly get a ride from A to B. It’s you who decides how much to pay the driver.

Have you been stuck standstill on the highway for a half an hour? You should have checked TMobilis Pro before leaving the office to avoid all traffic jams!

Leisure activities

Visitbrussels also has an application. In our opinion, it is mainly targeted towards tourists rather than Brussels inhabitants. So if you are new to the area, this could be good for you!

Are fries are calling your name? Fritkots (link to download) indicates the fry shops that are open (and closed). If you need more details about your food, they have even classed the shops according to popularity.

No matter the season, Brussels Garden will help you get your daily dose of plant life!


Protection against homophobic aggression? There’s an app for that! It is not completely fool proof, but Gay Bashing works as a way to report and track aggressions in order to work towards a way to prevent them.

Daily life

Take part in improving the public space! Let the authorities at Fix My Street know when there are road damages or ruts, lose cobblestones, worn-out sidewalks, faded road markings… The local governments will then keep you updated about the progress of the reparations.

It’s been a year since the new recycling system was implemented, and you still haven’t got the hang of it? Jaune ou bleu (link to download) will be your best friend! You don’t know how to pull a shopping caddy? Or the lines at the supermarket make you want to go crazy? Collect&Go and Delhaize Direct are apps to order your groceries. Life is pretty good, isn’t it!

You’ve needed to transfer a payment for a week now, but you can’t find the time? How about installing your bank’s app or the app for Bancontact/Mister Cash (ATMs)?

It’s sleek, it’s practical and it’s made in Belgium! Tricount will spare you the complicated calculations to find out who owes how much at a restaurant… Afterall, a debt paid is a friend kept.


We’ve arrived at the “must-haves” isle. Use Foursquare to situate yourself and to know your friends’ location. Social networks addicts will download apps such as Twitter and FacebookInstagram instantly gives an artistic touch to your ordinary pictures. Finally, Shazam will be your secret weapon for your next music guessing game! Dropbox is very good for having your important documents with you at all times, while WhatsApp makes it possible to send and receive text messages all around the world for free.

Miscellaneous apps

We couldn’t resist including the series of Places I’ve… apps. Special mention for the Places I’ve Pooped, practical mention for the Places I’ve Been Drunk and a general warning for the Places I’ve Had Sex.

As a kid, were you the king of Pictionary? You can continue to play as an adult with the app Draw Something. Will your friends be able to decipher your drawings?

Exercise buffs will love Strava (link to download). With this app, you can track your jogging or cycling times on precise courses. How much time did it take you to go up the rue du Mystère? How did you rank in a course around the Royal Park?

Frontback ends the difficulty of taking pictures with smartphones! Instead of just taking a picture of yourself or just one of your friends, you can take one with the front and back camera at the same time!

It’s a childhood dream of yours to be in the control tower at the Zaventem airport? Flightradar24 can help! You can follow air traffic all over the world in real time!

Want to play a joke on your friends? Install iSwap Faces and do all sorts of funny stuff to their faces. Enemies are not off limits either! 

Where’s the BrusselsLife app? Even though we haven’t got one, you can always bookmark our site on your smartphone to enjoy our responsive web design. It will work no matter the platform!

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