Fix my street, report your road problems

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Written by Olivia Regout - 11 Apr 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 22 Feb 2022, 09:46)
Fix my street, report your road problems
Report problems that litter your street to your public administration ! It is now possible thanks to the "Fix My Street" platform.

A pothole ? A shaky cobblestone ? Defective lights ? With a few clicks, you are able to submit your findings to your local district and follow the progress made by the authorities.


The initiative was launched by Minister Brigitte Grouwels on the model of what already exists in England, and elsewhere. Nine municipalities of Brussels have already confirmed their participation to the project. In Auderghem, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels city, Evere, Ixelles, Koekelberg, Saint-Gilles, Schaerbeek and Woluwe Saint Lambert, you are able to interact on Fix My street.

What to report on Fix my street

As you walk around your neighbourhood, you will notice some defects on the road. It is up to you now ! Potholes, loose cobblestones, damaged sidewalks, markings in poor condition, partially erased bicycle lanes, damaged coatings ... are all issues to report on "Fix My Street".

Follow all incidents

Once the incident is reported, "Fix My Street" gives you the opportunity to follow the evolution of the problem. The municipal administration updates you on the advancements made in managing the damages.

A website and Mobile App

You are able to interact on "Fix My Street" via the website or the application for Smartphone and Android developed by the CIRB (The IT Center for the Brussels Region). Wherever you are, you are therefore able to share your unfortunate discoveries. The only requirement is that you create an account and to log-in beforehand.

Access to the platform was launched end of April. Another application of the same kind has been available for several months : Betterstreet enables you to share the inconveniences that undermine your neighbourhood. It focuses rather on incivility issues than practical street problems. 

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