Brussels Sprouts

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26 Aug 2021, 00:08 Last Updated: 26 Aug 2021, 15:08

What’s a site about Brussels without a mentioning of its own blooming variety… the infamous Brussels sprout!

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts

A Brussels native… probably

If only there were a better story behind this name, however the history of this vegetable is quite vague. Many sources do suggest it was originally cultivated in Belgium. The first record of the Brussels sprout was indeed recorded in Belgium in the 16th century. Now it’s quite popular in many European countries and in the United States.

The Mini-Cabbage

You don’t need a horticulture degree to guess that Brussels sprouts are related to cabbage. But perhaps you didn’t already know that they are also kin to broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. Brussels sprouts grow along a thick stalk and their peak season is from late autumn to early spring, as the cold seems to enhance the flavor. Pick ones that are bright green with tightly closed leaves. The rule of thumb is the smaller the sweeter.


There are a wide variety of ways to enjoy Brussels sprouts, which is not a problem considering their great nutritional profile. From boiling to sautéed to grilling, each cooking method yields a different taste. Try them simply boiled and topped with a little butter. Or if you are feeling creative they pair well steamed in a salad with almonds and lemon. There are plenty of ways to fit your taste and the occasion.


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