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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 02 Mar 2014, 00:00 (Updated: 03 Mar 2014, 15:41) supports Saint Sein
The whole team at is happy to support Saint Sein. Like Isabeau and Véronique, we want to live life to its fullest, be positive, and take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Girls, we are proud to be spreading the word about this cause on our media outlets. Support girls, support Saint Sein! And go to the Saint Sein party on March 11.

The gals (and two guys) from posed for the camera in the famous t-shirt featuring Lolly Wish. They put into words why they support Saint Sein. 

Why does support Saint Sein?


Since we like to acknowledge them in the mirror after a shower, since they always walk in front of us, since they make the best pillows, and since they give the baby bottle industry a run for their money… Our breasts are a saintly pair! From two little hills to insurmountable mountains, they’ve been with us through it all. Let’s do something nice to keep them healthy! Let’s be smarter than the tumors! Support Saint Sein’s cause." 
Olivia R.

Saint Sein is a fun and positive approach to a subject that people don’t always like to talk about. I support the cause because it provides encouragement to women who need it the most. Even with something as difficult as breast cancer, Saint Sein chooses to celebrate our “precious jewels” with all their different events." 
Olivia D.
My breasts, your breasts, our breasts, their breasts… enough reasons to support Saint Sein. Get involved with Saint Sein – they know how to deal with difficult subjects with some much needed lighthearted relief." 
This sickness is all around us; we often know at least one person who has had breast cancer. But you don’t have to have had this sickness to understand the difficulty that sets in when a tumor is discovered in this area. Our breasts would be happier if they could stay together. They are a big part of our femininity!" 

I have known several people affected by breast cancer, that’s why I want to help spread awareness about preventative screening. I support Saint Sein’s values and objectives, as they concern the health of all women." 

I don’t need any support in my upper half, so I can willingly give it all to Saint Sein. While preventative procedures and treatments are often difficult, Véronique and her accomplice have an innovative approach. The Saint Sein method does not detect any more than it heals, but it does do a whole lot of good for the heart and soul. And with a fight like that, you’ve got to keep your morals up too." 


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