BrusselsLife has an account on Spotify

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Written by Olivia Regout - 12 Feb 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 09 Apr 2018, 13:51)
BrusselsLife has an account on Spotify
Have you ever heard about musical streaming? If the answer is yes, then you've already signed for a premium account on spotify and our article won't be really helpful for you! If you haven't heard about it yet, then those short info will make you listening to more than 10 millions of songs and understanding some strange conversations.

While we were surfing on facebook, we spoted some of our friends, the music lovers, listening to famous song on a website called Spotify: René is listening to « I will always love you » from Withney Houston on Spotify. Marie-France is listening to « La quiero a morir » from Shakira on Spotify... At the very beginning we were surprised but as curious people, we decided to sign up on spotify too.

Spotify for dummies

Spotify is an music streaming website. It's easy, all you need is a computer, good speakers and an internet connection and there you go with more than 10 millions of songs! And the good news is that each one will be satisfied: from the last Madonna's hit to the first song of Demis Roussos! How do we proceed? You just have to create an account, write some data and downloaded the spotify app on your computer. Are you ready? Now, all you have to do is looking for your favorite songs and make your own playlist, that you will listen from your computer.

Spotify on Facebook

Facebook owns spotify. So, it is possible to listening on your spotify's playlist through facebook. Why would it be different for you and your internet friends? The difference is that you will be a kind of spy on your friends musical's tastes: top songs of your best friends or cousin. You may also comment on René's musical tastes: 'Withney Houston was a legend! So so sad that she died' or Marie-France's ones: 'Shakira's music is so good! It makes me shiver'. As you can see, on spotify you interact and it will make you becoming the blind test's king.

Free or not free

Music streaming is free, there are just some adverts between the songs. And if you cannot stand those adverts, with a monthly modest price, there won't be any adverts between your favorite songs. Indeed, spotify offers two different types of accounts: Premium or Unlimited, make your choice according to the way you use spotify. Olivia Regout

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