BrusselsLife with Fabienne Delvigne

Written by Frédéric Solvel - 19 Dec 2006, 00:00 (Updated: 25 Nov 2014, 14:27)
BrusselsLife with Fabienne Delvigne
After her marketing studies at the EPHEC, Fabienne Delvigne embarks upon the launching of " Fabienne Delvigne créations " in 1987. Then follow much collaboration with prestigious couture houses such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint-Laurent, Louis Féraud or even the Belgian Natan.

Belgian Court's appointment

Fabienne Delvigne's popularity is due above all to the interest given to her creations by several crowned heads. Queen Paola of Belgium makes her her favourite milliner and does not hesitate to recommend her in other lands. Queen Sylvia of Sweden and her daughter, Princess Victoria, thus, are won over by the novelty and the quality of the creations of the Belgian milliner. In November 2001, her flawless collaboration with the Belgian Court allows the creator to gain access to the much appreciated and sought after rank of Fournisseur Breveté (by the Belgian Court's appointment). But Fabienne Delvigne's talents are not only limited to hats as she creates also jewellery, in fact for Natan's.Stéphanie Guillaume

Tof or not?

Your tof café? Le Falstaff

Your tof restaurant? Sister Act

Your tof place for enjoying your evening? The "You"

Your tof place for enjoying your Sunday? At Zoute

Your tof place for developing your culture capital? Biennale di Venezia

Your tof district in Brussels? Sablon

If you had to show Brussels off to a foreign friend, where would you take him first? Sablon

What is the tof of all in Brussels? What is it that means that you would never move out of Brussels? Near of all, like in a big village!

What is really not so tof in Brussels? What would make you flee from Brussels? Planes noise and parking problems

Tell us if this idea is tof or not tof:

  • A swimming pool floating on the canal? Tof!
  • Congestion Tax for cars in the city centre area? Not tof at all!
  • Non-smoking restaurants and bars? Tof, but with respect!
  • Banning chip shops? Not Tof at all!

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