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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 21 Jun 2013, 12:06

Born in the French speaking Brabant, it is in Nivelles, in her home town that Virginie Hocq tests her first show on a first class public: her family. After her Humanities she attended the Brussels Royal Conservatory where she won the 1st place in Drama.

After her studies, she registered with the non-professional improvisation actors' league where she made excellent encounters which would allow her, amongst others, to create her first one-woman show "Dis oui !" (Say yes) at the Riches Claires theatre. A show which would be running for two years and which was very successful both with the public and the critics.


Today, Virginie Hocq spends her time between Brussels, where she has lived for the last nine years, and Paris where new opportunities are welcoming her. In fact, thanks to Yves Bigot's and her producer-friend Vincent Taloche's contributions, Patrick Sébastien was seduced by the humorist work. A stellar meeting that allowed her to make several French TV appearances and more importantly to start on the Parisian stage. Stéphanie Guillaume

Tof or not...

Your tof café ? The Winery, a wine bar situated place Brugmann Your tof restaurant ? Le Mozart. It is open real late, ideal for after shows. Their tomato sauce meat balls have no secret for me anymore! Your tof place for spending a good evening ? I'll go anywhere as long as I am with my friends. Olivier Leborgne has just introduced me to le Snaps, it is not bad. Your tof place for spending a good Sunday ? At home... Your tof place for developing your culture capital ? Anywhere and everywhere in Brussels. I go where my wanderings lead me. There is always something new to be seen, new exhibitions to visit. Shows or plays to discover. Your tof district of Brussels ? Mine, not far from place Brugmann. But also near the Rue Haute area, I really love to meander there. If you had to make a visit to Brussels with a foreign friend, where would you take him or her first? I will cook you up a small tour, starting from the Rue Haute, exactly, and with a finish in the Grand Place - because one must, but it is not my favourite spot in Brussels. What's really not your tof thing about Brussels? What you would make you flee from Brussels?The fact that one can find everything nearby is boring. And anyway I love my neighbourhood I am beginning to know my neighbours, it is rather friendly. Something you do not find in other capitals like Paris, for example. What's really not your tof thing about Brussels? Traffic! It is always chock-a-block. I try to take public transport as much as possible, but there are times when it is impossible. And it really gets on my nerves to have to get up at 6am in order to be certain to be on time at a meet. Tell us if this idea is Tof or not Tof. If you wish, justify your opinion.- A floating swimming pool on the canal? Can't dig it? I really don't see any interest in it. - Congestion tax for cars? Dig it? Why not! That could be a good solution. - No smoking in restaurants and bars? Tof ! - A ban on chip shops? Nothing like a good solid Belgian fries sandwich! What, you can't dig it? It is part and parcel of our heritage.

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