By Tram... Just For The Fun

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Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - 02 Jun 2021, 00:00 (Updated: 02 Jun 2021, 10:04)
By Tram...  Just For The Fun
The tram is certainly a practical means of public transport and is often rapid at rush hour. BrusselsLife has decided to turn it into a means of pleasure and discovery. Join us aboard on the capital's loveliest lines...

Royal Axis

If we get on at the Saint-Marie Church in Schaerbeek (a stone's throw from the Botanic Gardens), a royal trip will await us ! The Botanic Gardens, the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, the Royal Palace and its similarly-named park and square, the Petit Sablon and the final imperceptible rise towards the Law Courts before leaving the tram at Louise for a bit of shopping. All the powers in a single tram ride !

As Green As Green Could Be...

Line 44, starting from Montgomery, plunges us for a dozen or so minutes into the capital's green treasure: the Forest of Soignes. It all starts with a slow descent towards the Mellaerts Ponds and the Tram Museum before rising again towards the Quatre Bras of Tervuren. We go over the Ring, and engage in the majestic straight that leads to the Palace of the Colonies and the African Museum, where it's good to linger and take on a bit of culture. Ideal for a sunny Sunday.

From Reyers To The Atomium

Atop Brussels We get on beneath the ground, once in a while does no harm, at Diamant. After a few stops, daylight has already returned. Place Meiser opens on to the exquisite Josaphat Park. We keep the canal in the background, in order to skirt the Royal Palace of Laeken and the Japanese Tower before getting to the foot of Boulevard du Centenaire. We will then choose either to get off there in order to let ourselves by dominated by the mighty atom or to continue with the tram until Bruparck in an attempt to overcome the great nine molecules. And if we want to be sure of making a success of our trip, we will make a detour via Mini-Europe.

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