Car : various taxes

BrusselsLife Team.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:12

We shall now present the various taxes that owners of all cars registered in Belgium must pay.

"To start with, there is the tax for putting the car on the road, which replaced the ""luxury tax"" formerly applied to high power sports cars. It is now applied to all new cars. Up to 8 break hp (CV) or 70 kilowatts (95 hp din), the tax is low (61.50 EUR), but it climbs in steps right up to 4.957,00 EUR for a car with more than 17 break hp or 155 kW (210 hp din).The annual road tax is always calculated according to the car's power in horsepower (CV), from 61.12 EUR for a 4 CV engine (less than 750cc) to more than 3.000 EUR for a 39 CV engine (over 7000 cc), with an average cost of around 319.84 EUR for an 11 CV, or two-litre engine. For diesel engines, you need to pay a supplement. For a 4 CV vehicle, the price thus increases to 85.36 EUR and for an 11CV it reaches 446.71 EUR. Few cars are equipped with liquid gas, but a bonus is paid to all people with a new gas installation, but an extra annual tax needs to be paid thereafter, always according to horsepower. This costs 89.24 EUR up to 7 CV, 148.74 EUR for 8 to 13 CV and 208.23 EUR for 14 CV and above..."