Colour Harmony And Feng Shui

Written by Rédaction - 23 May 2007, 00:00 (Updated: 21 Sep 2015, 13:15)
Colour Harmony And Feng Shui
Calm And Serenity Throughout The Home. Where decoration is concerned, it's all is question of taste and trend. But the use of certain colours in certain rooms of the house can bring a greater or lesser degree of positive energy, depending on how they're used.

Masters of Relaxation believe that colours speak to our spirit and can influence our moods. Thus, red and its many manifestations bring energy, dynamism, force and passion. A true stimulant, this colour stimulates your spirit, instantaneously increases your blood pressure and appreciably accelerates your heartbeat. So red should be avoided, be it garnet, claret or raspberry, in rooms of relaxation such as bedrooms or living rooms. On the other hand, it would be perfect for brightening up an office.

Orange and yellow

Orange and yellow are happy, warm colours that can raise your spirits and cheer you up. To be used in day rooms such as dining rooms or living rooms, or even in adult bedrooms.


Green is neutral and associated with balance. Choosing green is bringing nature into your home. It's a comforting colour that encourages kindness and sharing. Ideal for kitchens or day rooms.


Blue represents complete calm. Calming, comforting and refreshing, blue helps you to relax. Conversely to the reds, it lowers your blood pressure and slows your heartbeat down a little. It's one of the colours to be used in children's rooms, for example.

Violet and its variations

Violet and its variations are intimately associated with meditation and introspection. It promotes self-respect and has a strong, delicate vibration that makes it a soft colour that raises your spirits.

Dark colours

Dark colours like brown or chocolate remain warm colours that bring you down to earth and back to your roots. These colours bring strength and balance and can be used throughout.

Some Feng Shui advice for a harmonious bedroom

- Once you've chosen the colour, try to avoid contrasts that can cause tension. The colour used for the ceiling should be lighter than the colour of the walls in order to release the energy field. - You should ensure that you keep an identical space on each side of the bed and avoid putting the mattress directly on the ground in order to allow the air to circulate all around the bed. - It's preferable to choose pieces of furniture with rounded forms and without angular sides or sharp corners. The bedside tables should be identical, also in rounded forms in order to avoid arguments and to keep you in good health. Indeed, Feng Shui enthusiasts believe that square or angular bedside tables can diffuse a bad "chi" that can adversely affect your health, and in particular your liver. - The orientation of the bed can influence sleep and health. The head oriented towards the North guarantees deep, beneficial sleep. Towards the East gives more energy and helps you to wake up in the morning. To the Northeast can make you very ambitious but can also create sleep disorders. It is usually not recommended to sleep with your head in any other direction because that can cause illness and tiredness. Stéphanie Guillaume

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