Compilation of urban legends

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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 27 May 2021, 00:00 (Updated: 27 May 2021, 09:20)
Compilation of urban legends
In Brussels, as in other cities, urban legends are woven throughout the collective imagination. Here are a couple that are especially rampant in Brussels. If you are a local, at least one or two are sure to ring a bell…

Gullible readers, proceed with caution…


A woman was shopping on rue Neuve. Some men approached her, offering designer perfume samples at prices that can’t be beat. She followed them down a small side street, smells a sample, and passes out… It was not perfume, but ether. The men steal her purse. She was lucky; they could have done much worse to her.


A friend’s friend’s daughter was kidnapped in the Anderlecht IKEA… As soon as the authorities are alerted they shut down the store and start a systematic search of the building. They find the little girl in the bathroom, shaved and drugged. She is rescued on the brink of death.

The woman with hairy hands

Aurore Van de Winkel tells this story in Urban Legends In and Around Brussels, a guide book for these stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes surprising, and always frightening.

The dressing rooms at Samdam

Let’s go back to the 60’s. On Rue des Fripiers, women are disappearing! As soon as they go into the dressing rooms at the store Samdam, they are kidnapped and sent to Morocco.

The donkey in Park Josaphat

Now the donkeys graze peacefully in Park Josaphat, but this was not always the case. Several years ago, the donkeys weren’t actually there. One was said to have been the victim of a ‘rape.’ The legend goes that the police had caught a Turkish man having sex with the animal.

A “suctioning” toilet

It seems women are never safe in these stories, even in places of supposed privacy. While using the bathrooms at the STIB, they could be sucked up by a pipe leading into the sewer.

Organ thieves in the subway

In the 80’s, it wasn’t a good idea to hang out around Anneessens. Why not? You risked getting drugged by a towel soaked with chloroform… and waking up with one less kidney. 

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