Energy-saving tips


12 Feb 2012, 05:02 Last Updated: 11 Jul 2013, 12:07

Winter, with its ever-increasing gas and electricity bills, is just around the corner. Just a few changes to your everyday habits can really help cut your costs.

To start with, turn your TV off and unplug electrical apparatus when not in use. A TV left on standby or a mobile phone charger plugged-in 24/7 costs 60 euros per year.

It may seem obvious, but if you dress warmly, you'll have a lighter bill. Good slippers and a big woolly jumper will help you heat one degree lower and save 7% on heating costs.

Invest in energy-saving light bulbs

Not only do they use six times less electricity than traditional bulbs, but they also last a lot longer, whilst offering the same quality light. A 75-Watt halogen bulb is equivalent to a 15-20 Watt energy-saving bulb.

You can also buy economic shower heads. Five showers with the economic head use the same amount of water as three traditional showers. And you'll be just as clean!

Ecology at the office

A two-sided photocopy helps save one twentieth of a tree. And if you send e-mails, that's another twentieth of a tree saved. So reduce waste paper and save trees.

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