Event districts


23 May 2011, 05:05 Last Updated: 04 Apr 2018, 15:04

In Brussels region, above the communal borders, it is possible to establish geography of the events.

Rogier, Grand Place, Louise and Europe are the stopping-off points of our events in which hundreds of guests are waited. Halls, public transportation networks and airport connections, accommodations, entertainments...


At Rogier you may find a large range of options: lots of halls (between 300 and for more than 1000 persons) and 2.300 hotel rooms. Moreover, thanks to the subway and the North Station, the district is very accessible. The car's devotees will find equally enough parking spaces. At last, let's not forget the immediate nearness of the Tour&Taxis complex.


Your guests' main attraction lies in the « funny » side of the district: shopping, casino, museums, theatres, night life... It is here that the heart of the city beats fast! Looking from a practical side, a good hotelier offer joins cheerfully the available convention halls.


The best choice for organizations of average size in an environment of high quality is Louise! The 5 stars hotels of the district are accustomed with the musts of the meetings and other festivities. Your guests can profit calmly of the smart and chic avenues from the top of the city. You will receive them on the Flagey's liner or the Management Centre Europe.


If you wish to link your organization to the international institutions, the European district receives your events of small or average size.

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