Färm has opened its first franchise in La Bascule

Hélène Remy.

19 Sep 2016, 11:09 Last Updated: 29 Sep 2016, 14:09

The first franchise of the sustainable food cooperative has opened in the Basule neighbourhood.

Färm has opened its first franchise in La Bascule
Färm has opened its first franchise in La Bascule

Founded in 2009, Färm now has three stores (Rue de Linthout, Sainte-Catherine, Hankar) and since mid-September, the first franchise store in La Bascule has been added to the list. The aim of the sustainable food cooperative is by 2019 to have opened sixteen stores throughout the Brussels region, 11 of which will be franchises.

From customer to manager

Once just simple customers, French friends Jean-Baptiste and Jean-David, are today heading up their own store in Uccle. ‘They very quickly became active colleagues and real experts on our Färm products. It’s all been mapped out for them,’ explains Baptiste Bataille, Communications Manager at Färm. Trained as a herbalist, Jean-David lends a special touch to the store. "Each colleague brings added value. We value collective intelligence. Our colleagues have their say and can suggest a product which tomorrow will find itself in our stores."

4400 products

The different Färm stores sell exclusively organic products. The only exception: "the products in the process of being converted and are awaiting an organic label." Nearly 4500 products are currently on our shelves. "We try to focus on products that are organic, Belgian and local", says Baptiste Bataille.

"Yes organic is more expensive"

Baptiste Bataille makes no sercret of the fact that buying organic products comes at a price... ‘But that is also part of our mission, to explain how and why organic food is important. Not only for your health but to also help the producers make a living". Growing organic produce is dependent on the time, and does not use fertilisers to compensate for the lack of sun… It’s all about raising awareness every day,’ concludes Färm’s Communications Manager.