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05 Jul 2011, 05:07 Last Updated: 01 Sep 2015, 13:09

If you wish to end your event on a high note, you'll have to invite your guests at dinner in a relaxed atmosphere? Perhaps you'd like to organize all your appointments at the restaurant? No matter your what you choose, here is a panorama of the Brussels possibilities.

As for some addresses which will leave an unforgettable souvenir at your guests, we propose you the restaurant of Atomium and its unbelievable view of Brussels, Tasso within an imposing frame of the Tour&taxis, where the Némo 33 and its central wading pool in which you may find even a mermaid.

« Il faut avoir y été vu »

As for the « il faut avoir y été vu » : the Belga Queen and its belgian cuisine, the Quincaillerie and its huge clock won't allow any excuse for the latecomers, the Chalet de la Forêt and its bucolic attitude at the edge of the wood of Soignes, Park Side and its perfect mix between brasserie and European district or the Villa Natka and its terrace looking like at Saint Tropez?


Finally, among the best specialties : the restaurant of the Royaux des Beaux Arts museums, the Tentation and its Spanish accents, Saint-Guidon in the very heart of the Sporting Anderlecht's infrastructures,... Some hotels offer you even "ballrooms" suitable for receptions.

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