Food trucks roaming the streets of Brussels

Food Trucks
Written by Olivia Regout - 09 Oct 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:27)
Food trucks roaming the streets of Brussels
Food trucks have become increasingly popular. They have certainly been popping up more and more on the streets of Brussels serving their small dishes. They park near your home and will chit chat with you about the weather, all while whipping up their specialties. What’s their secret? Food that hits the spot made with healthy, organic ingredients. Once you taste, you'll be hooked.

Brusselslife decided to take a tour of the food trucks in the capital to help you pick out what to sample next.

Keep on Toasting

Keep on Toasting is one of the oldest Brussels food trucks. They continually improve upon their recipes with seasonal products that to satisfy their customers.

Their specialty? An improved croque-Monsieur made with two slices of organic spelt flour bread. Their menu changes each month.

Price? 5€. Payment is only with cards.

Where and how to find them? The truck moves around the city every day. You can follow them via geolocation or with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare). Keep on Toasting can also cater your private or public events.

El Camion

El Camion used to be a vehicle for a mobile dentist service. Now it is a renovated food truck that has satisfied appetites since 2007.

Their specialty?  Belgian bar food just how we like it, made with local products: boulets sauce lapin, blood pudding sandwich, maqué with radish…

Price? Between 7€ and 9€.

Where and how to find them? El Camion awaits you on Mondays at the market at Place Van Meenen in Saint-Gilles and Thursdays at the market in Forest, Place Albert. Follow their movement on Facebook!

The Petit Nuage

The Petit Nuage is one of the newest to enter the world of Brussels food trucks, but he has already had some success. It's noticeable by the means of transportation, since he is on two wheels and no motor!

His specialty? In summer, you can have delicious organic ice cream and in winter, savory or sweet waffles on a stick.

Price? Ice cream: 2€ - 3.5€ - 5€, sweet waffles: 1.5€, savory waffles: 2€.

Where and how to find him? All winter long, he rides his bike to the Park Léopold around noon and to the market at Place Jourdan every Sunday. Follow his path on Facebook or Twitter.


With SinStreetfoodyou are guaranteed organic and seasonal food. Attention, this food truck is not for strict carnivores …

Their speicialty? Small vegetarian dishes inspired by Indian cuisine: samosa and raita, yellow curry with potatoes and vegetables, veggie dhal and basmati rice, veggie burger…

Price? Between 4€ and 7€. 

Where and how to find them? SinStreetfood can be found at markets: Mondays at Place Van Meene, Wednesdays at Châtelain, Thursday at Square du Vieux Tilleuls and Sunday mornings at Flagey. And for special appearances, check out their Facebook.


Surely you have come across this pink ball at many of the most prominent events in Brussels. Craving a frozen dessert? Try out Mellow.

Their specialty? Organic frozen yogurt, slightly sweetened and low in fat. You can make it even better with 3 ingredients of your choice: chocolate chips, fruit, cookie crumbs, candies, caramel…

Price? 4€.

Where and how to find them? The pink ball is present in all the most popular spots in Brussels as soon as the warmer spring days arrive. You are sure to find them at Apéros Urbains, at the Garden Party, and the Iris party, at Brussels Summer Festival, at a market here and there… Follow their every move on Facebook or Twitter.


Their specialty? Fresh seasonal dishes to-go: wraps, salads, English sandwiches, pastas, soups, desserts…

Prices? Between 3€ and 7.5€

Where and how to find them?Asap is at a different location every day for lunch. Their itinerary is on Foursquare and is also announced on social networks.


Le 3e élément - ThaiFoodTruck

Their specialty? Homemade Thai cuisine. Six different dishes to taste: sautéed vegetables and rice, chicken with a coconut milk and green curry sauce, caramelized beef…

Price? Between 6.5€ and 9.5€.

Where and how to find them? The ThaiFoodTruck has a pretty busy agenda during certain periods of the year. In different zones of Brussels, at Apéros Urbains… follow them on social networks.


Their specialty?  Ten varieties of hot dogs – anything from sausages to organic chicken to vegetarian. Crispy barbecue, sweet honey, basilico, tomato, cesar…

Price?  Small portion from 1.75€ to 2.95€, big portion for 3.5€ to 4.65€.

Where and how to find them? The Hopdog would be happy to serve you at your private, public or business events! They have also been seen at the Iris party, the 10 km Uccle run, at the Film Festival…

Plan B Street Food

Their specialty? Popular gastronomy: the Taj (plain pie crust or with mixed spices and chicken, fish, red meat, or vegetarian), the Pañol (reinvented burger), the SP (reinvented Pain Saucisse, sausage sandwich).

Price? SP: 4.5€, Taj: 7€, Pañol: 8€.

Where and how to find them? This food truck is brand new. Right now they can be found every Thursday at lunch at the Solvay parking lot. For their next locations, all of their information can be found on Facebook, Plan B Street Food.

Il Sapore Della Dolce Vita et le Piadina wagon

Their specialty?Il Sapore Della Dolce Vita serves dishes with a base of piadina romagnola, a type of traditional artisanal Italian bread between crepes and pizza crust.

Price? Between 5.50€ and 7€.

Where and how to find them? The food truck, Piadina Wagon, parks every Monday at the market at Place Van Meenen, Wednesdays at Châtelain, Thursdays at the Parvis de Saint-Gilles and Saturday mornings at Flagey. You can find all their travels throughout the capital on their Facebook.

Fourchette à Bicyclette

The Fourchette à Bicyclette gets around on an electric bike. The hot dishes are served in glass jars. Priority is given to local and organic products.

Their specialty? Soup, savory pies, salads, lasagna, gratins, meatballs…

Price? Between 4€ and 8€.

Where and how to find them? Follow this bicycle everyday on their website or on their Facebook page.


Additional food trucks meander through the streets of Brussels, but it will be up to you to find them! Chang Noi and their succulent Thai cuisine, The Canteen, the Cosi Mobile…

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