« Free places » in Brussels


13 Dec 2011, 05:12 Last Updated: 05 Apr 2018, 15:04

Cellars, disused warehouses, stations, unsanitary buildings are so many places occupied by artists in search of freedom of speech. They take back public space and change it their way with fascinating, shocking or weird pieces, often dedicated to a restricted public. In Brussels, alternative culture occupies now a lot of places, a kind of response to the closed and usual circuits of art and performance.

The underground is a countercultural movement, lauding emergent culture and fighting against the mainstream culture. Then it seems quite normal that this movement strives for distancing itself from the mainstream and uses almost illegal 'free places', as an agora. But the free place needs subventions and rules to survive.

Therefore, the main aim of this movement is rejecting any kind of profit, in order to focus on meeting with other people, an essential value. A few money, a few official recognition but places founded by enthusiastic rebells, always in search of new talents.

Among Brussels nightlife, the most famous free places are Bulex and Recyclart. But there are other little known organizations working on festivals, cultural events and promotion for artists such as Bains::Connective, Magasin 4, Cinéma Nova, L'Art Sans Costard, BeauHaus... Kriss Gutierrez Cuervo