Fry shops in Brussels

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01 Feb 2017, 00:02 Last Updated: 01 Jul 2020, 16:07

Craving potatoes cooked Belgian style?

Fry shops in Brussels
Fry shops in Brussels

"Fritkots" in Brussels slang, chip shops to the English and fry shop to Americans, these snack spots abound in the European capital. Trust us, they certainly worth a visit! Here is our list of the best places to enjoy a small, medium or large cone of fries in Brussels.


It would be a crime to visit Brussels without sampling a cone of fries! Avoid offending King Philippe and try out this wonder of Belgian gastronomy! 

Every neighborhood in Brussels has its signature fry shop. This is the "must-go" place, no matter how long the line extends from the counter!

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The best-known fry shops in Brussels such as Friterie du Miroir, Chez Clémentine, Chez Fernand or Friterie de la Barrière (Friterie du Parc) are also the ones with the longest lines. But the quality is second to none!

Famous for its time-honored position in Place Flagey, Frit'Flagey is an established favorite. Here too you will need a bit of patience!

Word on the street is that friterie "Chez Antoine" at Place Jourdan has the best fries. Many people don't agree with this designation. Either way, it is definitely very popular in Brussels. 

For a decent price and rapid service right in the city centre, Fritland is open for you to taste its excellent fries at any time of the day or night (but especially at night!)

Smaller establishments are also worth a visit and include Friterie Tabora andFriterie Bompa. If you feel like a snack after a night of partying, no worries- most are open all night. 


Some places such as Au Vieux Bruxelles wanted to be creative by offering organic fries in a retro and welcoming setting.

And finally, the restaurant, Tram de Boisfort, has officially marked its terminus at place Payfa. This tram conductor has swapped for a fry cook...You will love this fry shop located in a redesigned tram. A sort of Tram Experience dedicated to chips...  

Fritkots Bruxelles App

You should also know that there's a new application for iPhone called "Fritkots Bruxelles" which shows you the locations and hours of the city's ten best chip shops.

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