Going out on 23th September

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 18 Sep 2005, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
Going out on 23th September
Going out on 23th September : the "tof" selection.

City Glamor and Hot Couture: Ubiquity

 If you like fashion and celebrations, if you are connected to the environments that blend preciosity, fun and the smiling decadence, then don’t miss the appointments with the Ubiquity Concept. Naked shoulders and black goggles, read leather miniskirts and sneakers with holes, hairnet and metal curls, it’s the kingdom of D&G, Gucci and of the post-vintage fashion. They already offered us a lot of wonderful Hot Couture evenings, among which those in the Zaventem hall with vue on the runways and a recent one in a Ferrari showroom. Associating the House to the Electro-House, the chic to the pointed, we always notice there around 1000 and 2000 persons in the most fashion finery. In the previous editions, we could hear the concerts of Sold Out, Starving, and the DJ’s Tiefschwarz (the duo from Berlin), Geoffroy, Lorenzo Ottati, and so on ...We were waiting for an organization implying Benjamin Ariyel ( who created Chill Out Café in 94, then he was artistic director of Fuse in ’96 and ’97), who is crazy about music and trends related to the night life.

Friday, 23 September: City Glam presents the compilation Hôtel Costes 8 Deejays House: Stéphane Pompougnac and Brown Moshunz At Concert Noble, 82 Arlon street- 1040 Brussels ( two steps from the railway station Luxemburg and from Loi street) http://www.ubiquityconcept.be

MadeInBrussels Techno at Soho

There are three Techno myths in Brussels : the BWP ( a group of musicians and DJ’s in the spirit of the ‘90’s about whom we will talk one day), Fuse club( we hear already a lot about it) and MadeInBrussels which is reborn for a little more than 6 months. In the period 2000-2003 MadeInBrussels was a club mixing Techno from Detroit and Acid Techno, with guests offering a genuine quality of the genre for a numerous and loyal public. But the neighbours decided differently and, with the support of some policies, the club was forced to close its doors. A year of silence was enough, and since the beginning of 2005, Psychogene and its friends relaunched the music and the spirit at the time of the big punctual evenings. The first took place under the pyramid of place Rogier, and the next will happen this Friday, 23 September, in the Soho hall, in front of the VUB campus.

On the poster, the concert of T.Carpenter & Billoved, and the deejays: Deg (Fuse), Psychogene (from the group Sharpside), Tim Berner, Tomaz, Salvatore (Dr Vinyl) and DJ4000 (Linephase parties) At Soho, 47 Triomphe boulevard - 1050 Brussels

Nicolas Deckmyn

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