The golden rules of home cinemas

Written by - 19 Nov 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 30 Apr 2013, 12:22)
The golden rules of home cinemas
Today's technology has made it possible to create your very own cinema in the comfort of your home. Take advantage of the 7th art comfortably cuddled up on your couch! Speakers, television set, projector... Discover how to watch your movies in optimal conditions !

Mandatory equipment

Let's start this initiation according to your needs: specify the type of home cinema suitable for you. How much space will be available for your installation ? Large speakers, for example, are not ideal in a space of only 10m² ! If you already have audio and video equipment in your possession, it is important to take that into account and to buy compatible equipment !

The Speakers

Ideally, you will need 5 speakers as well as a subwoofer, also known as a loudspeaker. Regarding the speakers, you will be required to define their output, in other words, their sound capacity. Generally speaking, in order to discern the different nuances of sound, 90 dB are necessary. Before installing them, be aware that each speaker plays its own specific role and they should not be positioned randomly in your sitting room ! The 2 front speakers reproduce the music and atmosphere, the central speaker is in charge of the dialogues, and the 2 surround speakers are dedicated to sound effects (gunshots, cars, doors slamming...) The loudspeaker, however, transmits the bass sounds. For maximum realism, this piece cannot be ignored !

Video and audio amplifier

This amplifier is the most important element of your home cinema. It centralises all the audio and video sources to then send them to the speakers and the television. The amplifier is chosen according to the speakers, their power and channels. It is useful to know that an amplifier is very power hungry so be careful to watch its electrical consumption !

DVD Drive

The quality of your image is directly related to the quality of your DVD Drive. If you have the opportunity, think about buying a Blu-Ray drive. Try out this special selection of home cinema movies, you won't regret it !

Video projector

For those cinema fanatics wanting to impress, it is possible to obtain large dimension action with a video projector.

A few good pieces of equipment for your home cinema

Under 600 euros

YAMAHA amplifier RX-V 367 + subwoofer Elthax Under 10 + Elthax Universe speakers. Ideal for the novices as they are easy to connect and perfect for a 15 to 20 m² surface, it's the perfect kit to start off smoothly !

Under 1200 euros

Denon AVR-1611 amplifier + Jamo S606 HC S speakers + Jamo Sub 210 subwoofer. Also optimal for a space of 20 m² or less, it is preferable to have some experience before taking this set on to make sure you take advantage of the many features it offers. Armed with those precious advices, it is time to launch yourself into the home cinema phenomenon and find all of this equipment at Brussels.

Enjoy your viewing experience !

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