Gourmet museums


04 Jan 2011, 05:01 Last Updated: 30 Jan 2013, 08:01

Either before or after your cultural stroll, take a gourmet stroll, but somewhere close at hand, not too far away. Over the last few years, museums have gradually developed their own culinary concepts, many very refined. Here are some examples!

Example n°1

Dine in Royal Palace's back yard in the garden of the BELvue museum steeped in history. A minimalist setting and leafy terrace host a range of refined dishes. You can also take tea here accompanied by some typically Belgian delicacies.

Example n°2

Climb on the roof of the Musical Instrument Museum and make the most of the good weather to enjoy the unique view over the place Royale. An edible melody or a range of desserts - the choice of culinary delights is up to you at MIM Restaurant

Example n°3

In the heart of the European quarter, indulge in delicious dishes from the four corners of the world as you admire the splendid Cinquantenaire park through the large bay windows or terrace of the Midi Cinquante...

Example n°4

Return in the city center, Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts. The Museum Restaurant with an exceptional menu, designed in collaboration with Franck Mischler, the two-star Michelin chef from Alsace. Fine cooking with al ot of savour.

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