Guest Rooms in Belgium


25 Feb 2012, 05:02 Last Updated: 04 Apr 2018, 15:04

Whether in search of authenticity, human contact or low prices, more and more tourists are turning today to guest rooms when they visit a city or a region.

Belgium is obviously not escaping the phenomenon. From the Coast to the Ardennes, not forgetting the major cities, hundreds of local people have chosen to dedicate a part of their homes to this kind of reception. The more you go towards the south of the country, in the province of Luxembourg, the more you find rural accommodation offering some ten or even twenty beds. Rustic or more "designer" guest rooms, decorated with the colours of Africa or with local touches: you can find it all in Belgium.

Among our heartthrob sites: in Brussels : ; announces a fair number of guest rooms with character; offers guest rooms and lodgings that have received the Walloon Region's seal of approval (administratively very hard to obtain, which is why many owners don't apply for it); offers about thirty guest houses in Belgium; and presents not only guest rooms, but also lodgings and villas for rent.

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