Visits & Discoveries

Visit Brussels as Brueghel knew it

In 2019, Brussels celebrates the 450th anniversary of Brueghel's death. Discover 4 guided tours around the life of the painter, Pieter Brueghel.

26th European institutions Open Day

The 2018 Flower Carpet

Take part in Pop-up store @ Kanal-Center Pompidou!

Top 10 of Art Deco buildings in Brussels

b.pass Brussels Airlines

Do you regularly fly home or to the same destination to visit friends and family or spend the holidays at home? The new b.pass voucher is perfect for you!

Brussels, Wisconsin

Trip to Puglia

Paris, All Change!

One day in Brugge

One day to Antwerp

Welcome in Antwerp, city of Rubens, diamond, culture, fashion, water ans gastronomy.

Finding somewhere to stay off the beaten track

A weekend in Lisbon

Skiing close to Brussels

Weekend in Frise

Endless fields, a few typical farms, sandy soil reclaimed from the sea and towns with a picturesque charm: welcome to Friesland. At the northern point of the Netherlands, around 400 km from Brussels, Friesland is one of the most unusual Dutch provinces. Very attached to tradition, the Frisian population has managed to maintain the usage of the Frisian language, acknowledged as the country's second official language.

Projection-conference: Quito - Ushuaïa, passage through the Andes-mountains by bike

Emotion Planet :: travel differently!

Youth Hostels in Brussels

Spending a night in the most accessible of capitals? Five youth hostels scattered within the city (mainly in the centre) will welcome you with every comfort, a smile and a cascade of facilities.

Guest Rooms in Belgium

Portes du Soleil off-slope

China in Brussels

Le Touquet Paris Plage


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