Guide Henry Lemaire 2010

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 16 Nov 2009, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
Guide Henry Lemaire 2010
The 33rd edition of the Guide Lemaire is now available. Whether for sentimental or professional reasons, to taste new flavours, or simply feeling lazy: eating out is too important a choice to decide by luck alone.

For over 33 years, the Guide Lemaire has provided descriptive information, followed by serious advice about the best places to eat in the different provinces of our kingdom. The recently published 33rd edition draws from its roots, the emphasis being the skill and knowhow of culinary professionals and the quality of service. These two factors allow our vital relationship with food to become a delightful pleasure. The Lemaire team looks to the future; yesterday a few thousand restaurants were archived, 33 years later there are now 16000 of them.

How then do we identify, classify and archive them all?

The 2010 edition contains 730 restaurants; all visited in the last 12 months, investigation and prospecting being carried out solemnly by our Guide's qualified staff. This Belgian guide takes part in promoting the joys of life provided by those who are often too busy to waste their time on small talk. The gastronomic landscape of our kingdom is incredibly varied and can be distinguished by the constant evolution of chef's. A guide is a magical wand, unveiling, through a brief description, the pleasure of discovering something new. As hard as this feat may seem, the guide, in the Latin sense of the word, is skilled in portraying the atmosphere, quality and specials of many establishments. Here is the 2010 edition of the "sauce inspector" as Henry Lemaire liked to call himself. The blue guide continues its long quest for the best tables, dishing out special mentions, boot kicks, scratches and complaints, in an objective manner and without having the guide on the table. The Guide is free from all culinary vanity, comes with a zest of verve and is the first 100% Belgian guide to gastronomy. This year Belgium has 41 "Grandes Tables"(tables of excellence), 13 of which are at the top of the list with a score of 9,5. Definitely one to add to your end of year present list...

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