Here are few good health tips


01 Jul 2011, 05:07 Last Updated: 10 Jul 2017, 15:07

You find it hard to get rid of the excesses due to overindulgence... Don't panic! You only need to abide by a few health tips in order for things to go back to what they were.

The golden rule regarding food is never miss a meal and above all certainly not the breakfast. Breakfast cannot be done without as it is the main supplier of energy for the whole day. Favor cereals and fibres by swapping your habitual white toast for a whole wheat or multi-cereal slice, pamper yourself with a fresh fruit juice and don't hesitate to eat a fat free yogurt.

Lunch Time

For lunch, if it is possible (but if it is not then swap the midday meal with the evening one) have a hot balanced meal. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate by half over your usual consumption. Choose white meat (turkey, veal, chicken....) or grilled or streamed fish and double the vegetable portion whether they be raw or cooked.

Try not to throw yourself on fruit for dessert. Actually, their sugars ingested soon after a meal are only digested in the small intestine and if theses have to wait, they ferment. But do not hesitate to eat one or two as a snack around 4pm.


By way of dinner, a small salad or a large bowl of home made soup to stock up on vitamins. Add to this enormous amounts of water (1.5 liters to 2 liters per day) and after a few days the results will be visible. As one continues to supply energy to the body, one does not feel tired. With eating more vegetables and fruits and drinking mainly water, the skin also becomes healthier.

To get your shape in trim, find yourself a sport which you like (2 or 3 hours per week), swap the lift for the stairs, get off the bus one stop earlier and walk a bit. And if you break your diet, please do not make yourself ill with guilt. Stéphanie Guillaume

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