Home Frit 'Home, an intimate and friendly place where you can fry...

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Written by Chloé Hennicken - 30 Nov 2017, 00:00 (Updated: 11 Mar 2022, 15:52)
Home Frit 'Home, an intimate and friendly place where you can fry...
Brusselslife had the chance to discover this micro-museum dedicated to our national pride: french fries. Discover this world 100% black-yellow-red.

To find out more about this unusual place, nestled midway between the WEILS and the Duden Park, we met Hugues Henry, who introduced us to his 100% Belgian universe. Journalist by training, he developed this project with his partner, Chantal Vanhoebrock.
On the program: a micro-museum of fries, artists' exhibitions and the possibility of staying in a quaint urban lodging in the colors of our beautiful country.

A little history
Home Frit'Home has developed a bit by chance. For Hugues Henry, the passion of French fries was not obvious ... It all began in the late 90s when Hugues and a friend decided to create a belgian-belgian website of quirky information and self-deprecation called "frites.be A name that has earned them many questions about the golden wand. Over time, meetings with friturists or artists, Hugues became interested in the Fritkot story. For almost 20 years, it has been collecting a large number of objects, documents and testimonials related to French fries, found in flea markets, on auction sites, second-hand or thanks to donations from individuals and professionals sector.

The objects are exported: Hugues regularly makes loans for traveling exhibitions, such as the Brussels Museum of the Mill and Food in Evere for the exhibition "Potatoes". The opportunity to bring to life these unique objects.

Originally a condominium house, this micro-museum project was created thanks to the acquisition of lower levels. The opportunity for Hugues and Chantal to pay tribute to these unique objects and to create an unusual lodging encompassing the museum.

A 100% fried experience, do you like it?
The micro-museum is open every first weekend of the month on the occasion of free open doors, or by appointment.

Home Frit 'Home takes you into an unusual world: stay in a room with the colors of Wallonia (in the south) or Flanders (in the north), wash in the blue-yellow world of the Brussels region, enlighten you with lamps in the shape of cornet de frites, ... With the doors open, let yourself be guided by Hugues and his "fried anecdotes", watch the TV, try the challenge "Alone against a cut-fries", sit down on the throne of fries the time of a selfrite, or admire the works of Gilis Houben nicknamed "the painter of fritkots".

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