How to correctly choose your tennis equipment ?

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Written by Olivia Regout - 22 Apr 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 23 Apr 2019, 11:34)
How to correctly choose your tennis equipment ?
You have decided to become the new Rapha, the invincible Roger or the spectacular Djoko ?

It is time to equip yourself with equipment adequate enough to impress your opponent ! Tennis shoes, shorts, skirts, racquets, strings, grip, balls... Choose your equipment carefully according to your tennis and strength levels.

Racquet choice

Seek a professional ! They will be able to guide you in your choice. Did you know that a heavier racquet will give you more power while a lighter one will improve your accuracy? The size of the string area, the balance of the racquet and its contour also influence its accuracy and the power of your stroke. The strings tension also has to be taken into account. The tighter your strings, the more accurate your shots will be. Our advice? Test several racquets before to make your purchase!

Choice of the tennis shoes

Be careful, some clubs are very demanding! One cannot play on a tennis court with any kind of shoes ... You would risk injuring yourself but also damaging the court. Each surface has its peculiarities to which you will need to adapt. If you play on a hard surface, you will need tennis shoes which can absorb shocks. Do you play exclusively on clay? You then need to favor shoes which allow you to slide. You can also find some models which can be worn on any type of surface. At the store, do not forget to try the shoes to make sure you are comfortable in them. With your racquet in hand and shoes on your feet, you will just need to put some shorts and a t shirt on in order to conquer the Brussels tennis world. But beware, in some clubs, a white attire is requested ... If you play at Royal Racing Club or at Royal Orée THB, be sure to avoid combining red shorts, a green polo shirt and a yellow cap !

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