It is forbidden to smoke in the restaurants

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 07 Dec 2006, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
It is forbidden to smoke in the restaurants
No one is supposed to ignore the law. Since the 1st January 2006, it is forbidden to smoke at one's work. Thus our employers have open smoking rooms and set up ashtrays outside of the workplaces.

And as from 1st January 2007, restaurants will be hit alike: total ban on smoking the tiniest bit of tobacco, cigarette, pipe, cigar, joint….. Proprietors will be free to set aside a room at their restaurant for the smokers (a smoking room), but it will have to be fully set apart from the restaurant, and food must not be served there. What about the cafés? Will they fall under this law? No. It will be possible to smoke in the pubs so long as these only serve meals classified as "light" (croques, pitas, pasta, soups….), and the proprietor can show that food items are no more than a third of the total bill. Thus, the law is limited only to the restaurants. But what should one think? It is known that in Ireland where this measure has been enforced, 93% of the people surveyed are in approval of the ban, and among those, 80% are smokers… Not only people accept this measure, but amazingly enough, it looks like it is well followed, and that its effects are already showing on the public health. Will this measure be followed correctly in Belgium? We must hope so and equally the smokers. Because each year, 2500 deaths are due to passive smoking (twice road deaths number), ….of which half are catering employees. So, is it good or bad, this smoking ban in the restaurant as from 2007? You are the judges! (or Make your own mind up!) Mathhieu Lethé

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