It only takes one step to go from living room to terrace...

Written by Rédaction - 17 Mar 2010, 00:00 (Updated: 25 Jan 2013, 13:23)
It only takes one step to go from living room to terrace...
With the advent of new materials resistant to moisture and sunlight, a wide variety of garden chairs has become available.

Although the traditional plastic garden furniture still remains a popular choice for those on a small budget, there is also a new trend toward designer items. Living outside is not what it used to be. The terrace has become a place where people can live comfortably and relax. To that end, three trends have made themselves apparent: colorful, luxurious, and natural.

Design and colours

In this first category, we see items with cheerful, acid washed colors constructed by designers with boundless creativity. One example is furniture by Fermob. Geared toward accessibility and adaptability to a variety of tastes, Fermob furniture is made of metal and sometimes covered with a tear resistant polyester canvas. Colors range from earth tones to bright, so there's something for everyone.


Another trend: luxury materials. Poly rattan, woven resin,... these new materials are resistant to rain and sun and can be used to create furniture with voluptuous curves. For example, Dedon has developed pieces from a synthetic fiber that allows all kinds of angles and shapes. These pieces are designer, comfortable, and instantly seductive.


A popular choice in recent years is furniture made from natural materials, and it remains a safe choice. Teak and other tropical tree species are at the top of the list. As far as brand names are concerned, Royal Botania, Unopiù, or Tectona are noted for their excellent quality and and constantly evolving design.

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