Kara ? Okay !

Kara ? Okay !

Created on 05/04/2012 - Last updated on 23/01/2018 If you're a budding pop star, what better way to reveal your talents to the public than spending a night singing karaoke with friends or family? There are plenty of places in Brussels to sing... it doesn't even matter if you're tone-deaf!

The Classics

Variety is certainly on the menu at Snapbar in Rue de l'Amazone. With over 20,000 songs in French, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew, you are bound to find a song to suit your mood! The bar also runs special karaoke parties for children over 6, so parents, cheer on your youngsters every day between 2pm and 5pm.

You can consult the online repertoire of Karaoké Bar Sablon to prepare for your crazy night of (musical?) intoxication... You can also search for songs by keyword and save your favourite music before printing out your tickets. Songs are available in several languages (such as French, Japanese, Chinese, German and more).

You are sure to spend an unforgettable evening at MGM Caféwith its 20,000 song titles. Try your hand alone or with others and you won't regret it! New songs such as Party in the USA by Hannah Montana or the Assasymphony from Mozart: Rock Opera are now available.


If you want to relax in a youthful and friendly environment, take a detour to 102, a karaoke bar near ULB. Food is served there too, along with 5,600 song choices. Karaoke begins on Thursdays from 9pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm. For fanatics and lovers of classic French music, The Fou chantant will be your musical haven! 

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