Larousse 2009

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 18 Sep 2008, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
Larousse 2009
A few weeks before the back-to-school kerfuffle, the shelves of the CTN's and supermarkets are arrayed with the year's new products: Diddl satchels, Dora pencil boxes, Superman portfolios, Bob the Sponge pens,... Like clockwork worthy of Beaujolais Nouveau, the 2009 dictionaries have also appeared at pride of place on the displays. More discrete, but far more important!

This year, Larousse is playing its hand well. And what a hand! A true triptych dedicated to the language, its particularities and its culture. In its dictionaries establishment, Larousse this summer is inaugurating two new key exhibits: the Larousse of Common Nouns and the Larousse of Proper Nouns. A unique opportunity to renew the partner of your evening games or the faithful companion of your scholars in short trousers.

Belgian-French phrases, above all.

Listening to a language strengthened by its regional diversities, the Petit Larousse has once again been enriched by about a hundred words, meanings, phrases and expressions. Our hearts rejoice when new Belgian-French phrases appear: - déjeté, e adj. In disorder. Your office is a total mess. - grenailles n.f. pl. Wandering shot: gravel on a roadway. Be careful! wandering shot! - racrapoter (se) Fam. 1. To shrivel up. 2. To curl up. - roulage n.m. Road traffic. Traffic accident. Traffic police. They thus join the large family of the regionalisms included in the dictionary. As far as proper nouns are concerned, our Prime Minister (Yves Leterme) wins the publisher's jackpot. Collateral damage from "his" Marseillaise? We'll let you decide for yourselves.

Larousse Family

Petit Larousse 2009 is the encyclopaedic dictionary of reference for all the family, unequalled since 1905. Bringing common nouns and proper nouns together into a single volume, the Petit Larousse is the most complete of dictionaries. 150,000 definitions, numerous encyclopaedic entries, more than 5,000 illustrations and its many annexes make it much more than just a dictionary for understanding, discovering and updating ones knowledge. - 29.90 Euros Larousse des Noms Communs is a methodical, clear and practical dictionary of French in all its aspects: everyday language, specialist language, literary and supported language, as well as neologisms, regionalisms, francophonie words, and even slang. This language dictionary maintains the encyclopaedic and cultural characteristics in the Larousse lexical tradition. - 30.95 Euros Larousse des Noms Propres with 28,000 proper nouns and 500 reports, enables one to know the essence of all fields of knowledge. The Larousse of Proper Nouns is also a highly illustrated work, for learning by words and pictures alike. The information provided is adapted to the importance of the subject, from the short article to the developed report - 29.95 Euros

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