Little rat, breakdancer or professional tap dancer?

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Written by BrusselsLife Team - 17 Feb 2011, 00:00 (Updated: 26 Jul 2013, 09:16)
Little rat, breakdancer or professional tap dancer?
Rare are those people who consider dance as a sport. In fact, it works on your suppleness, develops your muscles, awakens your spirit, empties your head, lets your imagination take over... Child, teenager or adult, dance and let your body be taken over by art! DIrections for the Brussels world of dance.

From the classical to the contemporary! Tutus, points, Billy Elliot, Epinal images are all there when we think about classical dance. Often considered as the first step of all experience in dance, classical dance encourages deportment, rigour and suppleness. Come to Choreart and Espace Temps Danse with your points and tutus. Too rigid for you? And if you were to try modern dance with its more relaxed and easy going steps. Go and try out the connection between your body and the earth at Choreart, Espace Temps Danse or Fred Academy. If the contact with the floor does not bother you, try contemporary dance! Everything goes, even creating new genres. Practice at the Choreart, Espace Temps Danse or the Fred Academy. Re-live cult films and their dances Discover romantic dances such as tango, the walz, bolero or Latin dance such as the samba, the lambada... Bring along your partner to Choreart, Euro Danse or Dance Universal. Show off your talents in a long evening gown, DJ or uniform in the balls open to passionate dances (for example, the Bal Russe). Want to go to Harlem accompanied with a singer and a piano from the 20s to 50s? Dance the Charleston, the Lindy Hop, the Rockabilly Jive or the Shag at Euro Danse, Espace Danse, Universal Dance. Ready to slip on your shoes and liven up the dance floor? Start tap dance in groups and play the future Lord of the Dance! Become a pro of sychronisation at the Tap Show Company or the Fred Academy. For lovers of the dance floor! So you want to turn heads, do frezzes or nifty footwork and power moves? You have breakdancing in the blood! You will be in a circle to defend your title either by going freestyle or by a challenge. Too abrupt? Try the hip-hop "standing": whether its the locking to mock your opponent, the popping to look like a robot or surprising others with your own steps! Everyone learns how to show off their own style whether it's musical, the way of dressing or choreography at the Studio Vibes and Move Zone. The Fiesta Club and Le Carré welcomes you to their Hip-Hop and RnB evening, then take out your best finery and show off your style whether its old-school or trendy! But perhaps you have a secret yearning for Bob Marley and the raggamuffin gives you the vibe. Perhaps its the suave voices and the reggae tone that get you going? Go and show off your talent for swaying to the sounds of reggae in Studio Vibes or to the Move Zone. The Bario invites you to their Slowbounce evening the first Saturday in the month. The Déjà Vu welcomes night owls to an atmosphere that explodes after two in the morning and which is perfect for an after party. And finally warm and suave dances... Fan of Dirty Dancing? Will your teacher be as handsome and talented as Patrick Swayze? On to the Latin and sensual dances at Universal Dance, Studio Vibes or the Ecole de Danse Latino. Once the course is under way, come and dance as if you were in Cuba, Monte Cristo and Havana! Ladies, you want to show off your femininity and your feelings towards art? Find a sequined scarf in the right size and move like an oriental princess thanks to your lessons at Eve Danse Orientale or Fred Academy. If you want to release some tension, it's time to dance! Whether its as part of a diet or for pleasure, alone or with your family, among friends or with colleagues! As you can see, there a numerous styles and schools: you can see if you enjoy it first as often the first lesson is free... Alexandra Ames

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