Luxury and voluptuous pleasure in the Fashion Rooms

BrusselsLife Team.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 14 Dec 2012, 17:12

The «Royal Windsor Hotel» in Brussels had the brilliant idea to ask famous Belgian fashion designers to redecorate some of their rooms.

The first four to take part in this amusing image change were Gerald Watelet, Jean-Paul Knott, Marina Yee and Mademoiselle Lucien. Six other designers joined the adventure adding their own verve and inventiveness. Nicolat Woit offers a room in warm colours with luxurious objects, Pascal Kervan applies a contemporary, symmetrical style, Haider Ackermann brings wild eclecticism, Kaat Tilley plumps for a fairytale wedding suite, Romy Smits takes us back to the Renaissance period, whereas Nina Meerts guides the traveller to a haven of freshness.The management is not very forthcoming with information on who will decorate the two remaining rooms, but we can already rest assured of the good taste of the chosen designers.
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