Mini-Europe around the world

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Written by Olivia Regout & Frédéric Solvel - 31 Mar 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 10 Mar 2022, 16:33)
Mini-Europe around the world
A few weeks after the opening of its final season on the Heysel plateau, a solution seems to have finally been found for the future of Mini Europe and its models.

Based on the touring model of the largest rock stars and of fairs-events, Mini Europe is poised to become a travelling exhibition and to conquer the world ! At the end of this season, the models will be dismantled before being renovated as they are between each season. Technical teams are already hard at work preparing the "flight cases" that will allow models of the most beautiful European monuments to travel safely.

Russia, Brazil, Kazakhstan…

If the full schedule is not yet known, the veil has been lifted on the first "big" stops of the travelling exhibition. The adventure will begin in Sotchi during the February 2014 Winter Olympics before continuing with a tour in South America at the invitation of the Francophone Union of Belgians abroad. The highlight of this tour will undoubtedly be the Brazilian leg between the months of June and August on the occasion of the Football World Cup. If the rest of the schedule has yet to be fixed, we can reasonably expect to see the appearance of stops in the larger cities of the world. The organizers of the Expo 2017 in Astana would also be in the running to host the touring exhibition.

Depending on the host city and its climate, the models will be presented indoors or outdoors. There are whispers in the corridors of the Heysel that the owner of the New York alter ego Rouge Tomate has begun the process for the expo to make a stop for a few weeks in Central Park. Other municipalities have also already expressed their interest in Mini-Europe. Thus Brussels en Ontario dreams to host the model of our Grand Place in the atrium of its own City Town Hall.

Delighted employees

Regarding the 120 employees of the park, we are delighted that a solution of this magnitude was found even though the future remains unclear. Nabila, employee of Mini Europe for 10 years: "We have the opportunity to follow the models and to go around the world, but I do not know if I'm ready to give up my life here. You're Mini-Europe and you'll go around the world? It is as if I told you: You're the Statue of Liberty and you're in Paris in miniature! “

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