Mobility shared in Brussels: services that move!

Written by Victor Lepoutre - 31 Dec 2017, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:53)
Mobility shared in Brussels: services that move!
By bike, car or scooter shared mobility allows you to move easily and cheaply in Brussels.

It is not necessarily necessary to own a car to move in Brussels. The capital has many shared mobility services to move easily and cheaply from one end of the capital to the other.

Shared cars
If you walk in the streets of Brussels, you will certainly have noticed these often signed cars that can be borrowed temporarily for a subscription. Conveniently, these services charge for the use of their vehicle per minute or kilometer traveled, and support the fuel, insurance and maintenance of the car.

Some services such as Cambio or Zen Car allow you to pick up your car at a chosen station to redeposit at the same parking place when you no longer need it. Other systems, such as BMW / MINI Drive Now, Zip Car or Ubeeqo, operate as free floating, which allows the user to take possession or return the car to any location in a limited area. the service.

Shared two-wheelers
If you do not have your own bike or do not want to risk flying it, the best thing is to use shared bike services.

Villo! The shared bike service of the Brussels Capital Region has a network of 360 stations across the regional territory and nearly 5000 bicycles available. To take advantage of the service, users have the choice between a basic rate of the day (€ 1.60), the week (€ 7.65) and the year (€ 32.60) which allow a number of unlimited travel on this period, the first half hour is free.

Several "free floating" bicycle networks are also being developed in Brussels. Billy Bike, OBike and Gobee bike offer bikes without fixed station, so you can take it and drop it wherever you want. These services operate on the basis of a mobile application that indicates the bike closest to you and charges you the time of use (€ 1.00 per 30 minutes for OBike).

And for those who have their driving license and do not like to pedal too much, a shared electric scooter service is also available in Brussels and it's called Scooty! Download the app, register, locate a scooter and you're done!

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