Mother/Daughter Replication, A Fashion To Think About

BrusselsLife Team.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:12

Another fashion from the United States that Europe could well have done without. The fashion that consists of dressing mothers and daughters identically is indeed fraught with considerable danger.

In Belgium furthermore, the concept doesn't seem to be taking off. Specialist website sales are breaking no records here and shops of this kind are virtually inexistent. On the other hand, the Belgians like their French friends, have adapted the idea and several brands are offering identical pieces in adult and children's sizes. Because finally, wearing the same little jumper or the same trainers as your offspring can be pretty cute. You must, above all, find the right balance and to take care that it doesn't become automatic. Certain chains furthermore are making it their trademark, such as the Comptoir des Cotonniers or Zadig and Voltaire. Certain brands in the mail order catalogues are also offering some similar models in the adult and children's pages.
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