Oh my Cupcake!

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Written by Rédaction BrusselsLife.be - 28 Jun 2021, 00:00 (Updated: 11 Mar 2022, 14:45)
Oh my Cupcake!
A familiar sight to Anglophiles, cupcakes or "fairy cakes" are small cakes cooked in paper cups, topped with icing and often decorated.

The cake's two possible names can be explained by the fact that its ingredients used to be measured out in cups, and that these cakes are cooked in small individual moulds, producing portions fit for a fairy.

"Cupcake mania" erupted in the United States after they appeared in the well-known TV show Sex and the City and has spread to all four corners of the globe. So take part in it yourself!

Where to look?

In Brussels, you can find these coloured delicacies at Lilicup. This little boutique offers a wide range of flavours and colours, all of the ingredients have been carefully selected. The cupcakes are freshly cooked every day. They are prepared rigorously according to the American tradition and are sure to tantalise your taste buds! Lilicup also sells its sweet wares at Café de la Presse, as well as in Coffee Company outlets. Merrily's atelier sucré in Saint Gilles is the other place where you'll find these little cakes. The charming location offers original cupcakes, such as candyfloss flavour for example, all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can also order online on the ilovecake website and get your cupcakes delivered to your home.

What about home-made cupcakes?

You can also make your own cupcakes, thanks to an easy and fun recipe. That way, you can make them just how you want them and share them with your friends, take them to birthday suppers, sell them at bake sales, or even eat them yourself!

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