One day to Antwerp

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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 04 Apr 2018, 15:04

Welcome in Antwerp, city of Rubens, diamond, culture, fashion, water ans gastronomy.

Antwerp Zoo: still going strong after 160 years! The Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest and most famous zoos in the world. Its location - originally just outside the city walls, now an oasis of peace in the heart of the city, next door to Central Station - is typical of its nineteenth-century origins. You must set aside at least half a day for a visit because there really is so much to see and do. Penguins in Vriesland, elephants and giraffes in a unique Egyptian temple and a brand new pink villa for the hippos, and their neighbours, the tapirs. More than 6,000 animals await you here.

Diamond Museum Province of Antwerp Fascinating, brilliant and surrounded with centuries of mysticism: that is the world of diamonds. The museum offers visitors a multimedia experience, features magical pieces in its collection and shows the technology used today to produce the world's most coveted valuable. You will learn more about the global character of diamonds, which set passions aflame throughout the centuries. Visitors will also learn how important diamonds have always been for the Province of Antwerp, for the diamond craftsmen of the Antwerp Kempen region and the traders in the city. The eye-catcher on every floor is the treasury, where you can find a unique collection of historic and contemporary diamond jewellery.

A boat trip on the Scheldt At the pontoon off Steenplein, pleasure boats come and go. They will take you on a journey up- or downstream. Four shipping companies have a nice selection of excursions to offer visitors.

Aquatopia, fascinating treasures of the sea This brand new, futuristic complex has 35 aquariums featuring a fascinating collection of exotic fish and animals in their natural biotope. Sharks, piranhas, stingrays and octopuses: in 'Aquatopia' nature is proud to show itself off in all its beauty and diversity. The fish and other sea creatures will take you on a marvellous voyage through a tropical rain forest, along rivers, underwater caves and coral reefs, to the depths of the ocean.

EcoHuis Antwerpen (EHA!) EcoHuis Antwerpen / Ecological House Antwerp (EHA!) Have an interesting and environmentally-friendly day (without the woolly socks). Anyone who enters EHA! will make some fascinating discoveries. How to reduce waste, how to close the hole in the ozone layer, how to protect our climate and the oceans, and how to save the rainforest: it's all possible, but you need to start at home. The brand new EHA! tells us the underlying story of our environmental issues in an interesting and interactive manner: water, energy, woodlands and waste. Discover what the hidden consequences are of our way of life and learn some handy tips about how to help.

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