Our selection of essential vintage

Written by - 19 Dec 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 19 Jul 2013, 08:50)
Our selection of essential vintage
Your beloved BrusselsLife has decided to provide you with a selection of essential vintage. Soon, you will know what you will absolutely need in your collection of cool hipster-vintage to show off, proud as a peacock, your range of retro taste!

Do you remember your first GameBoy? Yes, the one that weighed 2 pounds and was in black and white. Essential geek gear, it is downright vintage today! And you can (re) discover the joys of exploring Bourg Palette with Sacha, now is this not worth all the gold in the world?

Love music and want to enjoy all the bass offered in every song? The turntable is your solution! Glory to the 33 and 45s that will offer you a sound so much more enjoyable than just a simple mp3. And decoration wise, it kills !

Or maybe your thing is photography? I will then not need to convince you that the quality of silver is truly superior to digital. Let yourself be carried away by the vintage fever and get yourself a polaroid. You'll see, you will never let it go!

Is your bedside table rather dull? Offer it a new skin with a light plastic design that you will find in any antique store of Blaes street. If you want a 100% retro effect, pick red or orange.

While you're around Place du Jeu de Balle, try to find a piece of formica furniture. We prefer the stool or coffee table.

Rider at heart, yet you struggle to balance on two wheels? Go get your old skates in the basement and make yourself a few spots in Brussels with vintage fashion! And who knows, maybe you'll be the harbinger of a new trend? If this is the case, do not forget to remember those who gave you such a good idea ...

Girls only

Young lady, your vintage assortment cannot be complete without some jewelry! At BrusselsLife, we especially like the pin-animals: deer, peacock, elephant ... Do not hesitate! Especially since it is possible to track some down for almost nothing, at Lucien Cravate, for instance.

We also love clip earrings! There is no real trend here because as they say, to each his own! However, we can still advise you not to choose them too heavy (unless your goal in life is to have ears that fall to your knees).

And the must of all musts, the old leather bag! You have probably noticed that some big brands are bringing out bags with worn out looks, but nothing beats an original.

In short, if after all this good advice I catch you in the street with your mp3, iPod and an H&M outfit, I will not fail to teleport you to the 60's to teach you a lesson of good taste! Gloria Galvez Rojas

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