Parksharing in Brussels, a BePark innovation !


21 Dec 2012, 03:12 Last Updated: 24 Jan 2013, 14:01

Fed up of never-ending searches for a parking spot ? BePark offers you a website and a Smartphone App as a simple and quick solution to this problem !

Parksharing, what is it ?

In the city or to reach your work location, you must have already thought of the hassle you could avoid with your own personal parking spot. This is now possible thanks to the parksharing concept that offers individuals and businesses the possibility to rent out their own parking spots when not being used.

You can therefore visit to find free parking spots close to you and reserve them according to availability.

This method has the merit to benefit both parties : clients monetize their parking spots when not in use and the users make the most of these spots that are less costly and closer to where they need them.

How to find your parking spot on BePark ?

On the website, after registration, you may search for a parking spot closest to you, check its availability and its price. By smartphone, you will follow the same procedure without the need to register and according to your present location, parking spots in close proximity will be indicated to you. For short or long-term needs, everything is possible !

Every parking has its own code. Simply call Bepark, give your code and your spot is reserved ! No transfer of money is necessary, payment is done by bank transfer or direct banking.

Simple, original and safe are the key words for this project awarded by the Altran foundation prize. So don't hesitate any more and reserve your spot today !


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