Parquet or tiles?

Written by Rédaction - 17 Mar 2010, 00:00 (Updated: 25 Jan 2013, 13:25)
Parquet or tiles?
A house is built from floor to ceiling. So let's start with what's under your feet ... parquet or tile flooring? The choice can be a bit ambiguous because everyone has their own tastes, opinions, and budget!


Parquet tends to warm up a room, so it's best for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways ... but it's not perfect! You may want a tiled floor that is easier to maintain, and therefore better suited for common rooms such as a lounge, kitchen, or dining room ... Stains don't permeate tiles, but shoe heels can certainly do damage! Parquet may surprise you because just like the wooden floors used in castles, it resists weather and wear! Wood floors for bathrooms, saunas and steam rooms work when they are well made. You'll have to choose thoughtfully and then maintain your floor properly so it can stand up to wear and tear. Tiles can also be placed on the walls of a bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you want. The choice of what type of flooring to have can be made easier by doing the downstairs in tile and the upstairs in parquet, or you can get the best of both worlds by selecting tile that looks like wood flooring. You'll get all the warmth and color of parquet combined with the easy maintenance of tile. Of course, you can never truly replace the real thing.


Parquet's main enemies are water and insects. Today, waxes are synthetic and easy to use, and are applied in two thin layers rather than one thick one. Oils create a dull appearance that is irreversible, which is why they were used in the past mainly for industrial purposes. Polish is also a simple choice to give a good shine to your floor. The best solution would be to combine all of these options into one product, but unfortunately that doesn't exist! Do a thorough maintenance of your floor every 6 to 10 months. Unlike parquet, tile has a variety of cleaning products readily available in supermarkets that are made for use at home. Just read the labels to see which will work best. Grab your rags, brushes, and the rest!

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