Picnic, the public terrace

Frédéric Solvel. Food

09 Jun 2021, 00:06 Last Updated: 09 Jun 2021, 12:06

You want to find the simplicity, to return at your childhood's recollections, you just simply want something out of ordinary: then try a picnic! Brussels is one of the greenest capitals all over Europe, so you have lots of possibilities...

Picnic, the public terrace
Picnic, the public terrace

Our heart melts away for the wood of Cambre, a free car area, the forest of Soignes and his secret corners, the Laeken park on the shadow of the Atomium and the abbey of Cambre with its storied garden. For a picnic in the afternoon, the parc Royal and the Cinquantenaire offer an ideal space: definitely more delightful than an impersonal lunch box or an office. Choose a tree, claim your lawn and your corner in the shadow, lay out your tablecloth and start your lunch.


A large range of choices are available to fill your plates: mixed salads, sandwiches quickly prepared,... Take with you enough drinks and cover it in an ice box: the sun burns a lot at this period of the year. At last, think of the environment in which we live and take with you plastic reusable plates instead of the traditional carton. After dinner, your children will get around by wheelbarrow, play Frisbee and other water games...