Public drinking fountains in Brussels

Written by Donatienne de Vleeschauwer - 18 Jul 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:26)
Public drinking fountains in Brussels
You have probably passed by ten times without realizing that these little fountains are nothing other than a drinkable water source for the public. The Pentagon area has 30 public fountains and just as many in the surrounding communes.

Whether you want to put some water in your pastis during a mid-afternoon drink or just simply hydrate during your walk or your long shopping days, the streets of Brussels contain spots with drinkable water where you can quench your thirst.

Even if these fountains are available for everyone, they are especially important for homeless or struggling people to have access to this essential resource.

Drinking water stations downtown

As you walk around downtown, you will not have to worry about dehydrating. From the Place de la Bourse to Yser Place and passing by Brouckère Place, the rue Neuve, the rue du Lombard and many other streets, you will find a place to fill up your water bottle. 

Runners and walkers

During your Sunday exercise, calmly pass through the paths in the parks. You can quench your thirst in almost every single park in the capital with having to schlep along your water bottle: in the Royal Park, Egmont Park, Woluwe Park, Fontainas Park, Scheutbos Park, Liedekerke Park…

The Bois de La Cambre boasts no less than 6 sources of drinkable water spread out around the lake, at carrefour des attelages and on the chemin du Croquet…

Source of sparkling water

Since 2013, in the shade of the Saint Michel and Gudule Cathedral, exists a free fountain of a particular kind. In addition to offering free drinkable water, you also have the option of it being warm or cool and even sparkling water.

This Maison de l'Eau is covered and accessible 365 days a year from 8 am to 10 pm. 

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