Recipe :: Beer crepes

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02 Feb 2010, 05:02 Last Updated: 10 Jul 2017, 15:07

Candlemas or not, crepes are always welcome in our plates. As starter, as main course or more classically for dessert. Everybody will find his crepe.


Préparation : 1h

Cooking : 2 min

Ingredients ( approximately 20 crepes) :
- 500 g of flour
- a pinch salt
- 6 eggs
- a bag of vanilla sugar
- 25 cl of beer
- 50 cl of milk

Preparation :
Put the flour in a salad bowl and add the vanilla sugar, the salt and the eggs.
Mix, then add little by little the milk, then the beer.
Let rest the 1 hour before cooking crepes with a big knob of butter.

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