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Written by Baudouin Van Humbeeck - (Updated: 17 Nov 2022, 14:19)
Relooking :: User's guide
How to feel good with oneself.At least once in our life we badly wanted to change our look, to...

On a tous voulu se transformer en cygne dans notre vie. Passer d’un style boyish à un look cottage princess. Si cette transformation tant désirée peut...

How to feel good with oneself. At least once in our life we badly wanted to change our look, to head on to the hairdresser and cut our hair in a foolish way (isn't it Britney?), to buy a bubble skirt or slim trendy pants even if they didn't suit us at all or dye our first white hair.Then it's better not to make your choice on a whim and try the advices of a true specialist. ..

The relooking specialists seem to show up all over the city and especially on the internet. Advices to optimize your look after your profile, sport coaching, psychological counseling for a better "image" of yourself! There are lots of choices. It's just up to you to choose the one that suits best.

By optimizing your inner image you beam of happiness

Sometimes a simple change of wardrobe or haircut isn't enough to feel better inside or to really beam.Some weights are unfortunately too heavy to disappear overnight with just a bit of make-up or the discovery of a new palette of colors.

Just listen and apply

The guidance of a true coach is very important to get rid off of it and to find an inner harmony. This one could help you mastering the mechanisms which spoil your daily life. Whether you suffer of lack of trust in yourself, of lack of optimism or you just simply can't express yourself freely, the coach can help you overcome it in some couple of sessions. Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), depression, difficulties to loose weight can be overcome via a coaching stuff's help.

The most difficult is behind..

Standing by your side, he will help you change your desires of perfection with another concept: the acceptance of oneself with ones qualities and bad qualities. Once you overcome this step, the rest will be just a trifle formality. It's easier to speak about it than really doing it that's why the need of a coaching stuff. This choice will give you the chance to make peace with yourself and explore new ways that you have never tried before. I remind you that this coaching stuff can be done in group or even with your family if it's necessary.

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