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23 Nov 2012, 03:11 Last Updated: 06 Sep 2017, 13:09

Are you a green activist to the tips of your toes while wanting nevertheless to remain in fashion? No problem! Shopping organically is becoming increasingly valued and "green" stores are springing up everywhere. In organic cotton, organic wool or organic silk, natural fibre clothing resulting from organic farming for the well-being of mankind and nature alike...

SuperGreen Me

Cosmetic products, collections of children's or adults' clothes, underwear, shoes, accessories, household linen and maintenance products - all produced with 100% ecological products. The shop SuperGreen Me in the super-cool "Dansaert" district operates according to two criteria: a low carbon footprint and a respect for human health. Two principles that have guaranteed it the "Ecoshop" seal of approval.

Oxfam - Magasins du monde

Articles produced in observance of Fair Trade rules. That's the creed of Oxfam - Magasins du monde. A wide assortment of products classified in six categories: Bien-être, Cosmétiques, Loisirs, Maison & Décoration, Mode & Accessoires and Alimentation made of natural materials, contemporary form and traditional manufacture.


Bamboo suggests a selection of ethical, organic and long-lasting products. A discovery of Fair Trade that is chic, nomadic and urban. A meeting between European designers, Southern country craftsmen and responsible consumers.

Natural Selection

Fashion and environmental protection go hand in hand... "green" clothing, shoes, and accessories based on materials and methods that respect the planet. The shop does not exist anymore but you can subscribe to the newsletter and stay updated with Natural Selection private sales.

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