Shopping Centers


03 Sep 2012, 05:09 Last Updated: 29 Jan 2013, 09:01

The major "Shopping malls"in Brussels were installed at the outskirts of the nineteen municipalities. They are serving customers from the Brussels-Capital Region as well as of town customers. But in the heart of the city, "City2" will satisfy all compulsive shoppers from the central Brussels area.

For all of your school related purchases, Christmas or for the new summer season, nothing like a shopping mall! New sheets for your bed, new shoes for your son, a pair of glasses for your daughter, a romper for baby, a computer for him, some lingerie for her ... Everything is centralized in a huge temple of shopping !

In Brussels, the Woluwe Shopping Center (Saint-Lambert, to be precise) is the oldest shopping mall in the city. It has nevertheless received a small facelift since its opening.

Downtown Brussels, at the end of the Rue Neuve, the City 2 mall has nearly 100 stores on three floors. Try not to get lost in the maze of escalators crisscrossing in the middle of the complex. From grocery shopping at the supermarket on the ground floor to Fnac on the top floor, everyone will find what they are looking for in a blink of an eye !