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25 Feb 2017, 00:02 Last Updated: 04 Jun 2020, 09:06

Future mothers, enhance your curves and wear clothes in which you feel good, but mostly beautiful ! Sublimate yourself as well as that little round belly of yours thanks to some ready-to-wear addresses for pregnant women in Brussels.

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

BrusselsLife has selected a few specialized addresses. Take a shopping trip and find some comfortable clothing while staying fashionable ! Spoil yourself, you deserve to feel beautiful !

Ready-to-wear for pregnant women

Plus One is a ready-to-wear store for pregnant women created by expert designers. They provide these women with affordable clothing but also trendy. A little plus : the clothes are cut into stretchable fabrics for easy comfort and movement. A boon for future mothers who do not want to end up dressed as a potato sack.

As the brand implies, "a belly for two", Kangourou favors a feminine fashion that takes the curves of the pregnancy into account. Through a wide variety of brands, you will be able to preserve your femininity and style, whatever your budget and your tastes.

The musts of pregnancy

In Brussels, you will also find chain stores such as Prémaman or Mothercare and their wide choice of maternity clothes. During pregnancy, hormones are a mess, it is essential that you differentiate yourselves from others by wearing clothes that you like and in which you feel good.

For the smaller budgets, H&M and C&A offer a maternity department in which it is sometimes possible to find one or the other gem.

Otherwise, a store such as BBBis provides a consignment option, similar to an Ali Baba cavern where you will find your happiness for less.

Babyboom salon

Each year, the Babyboom Salon opens the doors of the largest exhibition for future and new parents that will display many players in the world of the child but also of many maternity brands.

Future mothers, be proud of your shapes ! Forget hiding under piles of unsightly fabric ! Enjoy these few addresses to please yourselves...

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