Small tour of the Brussels Museums

Baudouin Van Humbeeck.

01 Mar 2012, 05:03 Last Updated: 09 Apr 2018, 08:04

In a town as culturally rich as Brussels, it is not always easy to sift through the hundreds of museums that one can visit. Here are some tips for our readers.

Off course, one can start with the classic ones: the Belgium royal museum des Beaux-Arts (Belgium royal museum of fine arts) holds amazing pieces for those interested, even from afar, by famous paintings. But in the same vein, the Ixelles museum of Beaux-Arts or the Charlier museum in Saint-Josse are famous themselves. Regarding music, the Museum of musical instruments (MIM) is just a not to be missed venue and for the architecture, one would go to the Maison Horta.

Belgian style

You, the Belgian friends or lovers of our country, will not be disappointed either. From the Geuze Museum (in Anderlecht) to the one about beer (in Shaerbeek) or the Witloof (in Evere), or the Belgian centre of the comic strip (Brussels) or the Tram museum (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert) notwithstanding the Theater of Toone , royal, the occasions are numerous to uncover the more or less important sections of the cultural heritage from Belgium and from Brussels. In this field we must mention the town museum of Brussels, with an amazing collection of the Manneken Pis' costumes and also the BELvue museum, which grants access to the archeological remains buried under the Coudenberg cobbles.

Small trivia

Do you prefer small trivia? Excellent! Go and look at the Clockarium (Schaerbeek this museum is the custodian of a wide collection of clocks. Or take a look at the Petit musée du nichoir et de la mangeoire (in Forest) (kennel and manger museum). Or better still at the Belgium Lift museum (in Saint-Gilles).

Too high a target?

It is really packed with interesting things. But what does it matter? As marvels are still awaiting you: the Autoworld and its motorized ancestors (in the Cinquantenaire), the royal museum of Central Africa and his wonderful collections (in Tervuren), the Natural Sciences museum and its famous dinosaurs from Bernissart as well as its educational and game exhibitions (in Ixelles), the Army museum recently spruced up (in the Cinquantenaire) or the Cinema museum which is being renovated too (in Brussels)! Have great visit(s)! Matthieu Lethé

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