Sunglasses, more than a fashion accessory

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20 Feb 2017, 00:02 Last Updated: 04 May 2020, 12:05

If with the appearance of the first rays of sun, Ray Bans appear at terraces...

Sunglasses, more than a fashion accessory
Sunglasses, more than a fashion accessory

It would be wrong to consider them only as the latest accessory for the fashionista or the countertop playboy. will try to guide you to the right balance between fashion, looks and health.

Sunglasses, fashion accessories

The trend in recent summers is clear: we change our sunglasses like we change our shirts. If sunglasses serve foremost as protection, they have also become an essential fashion accessory over time: we own several pairs which we wear according to our mood and outfit, though without neglecting the protection they bring to our eyes. When choosing your frame, you will need to, just like for a pair of classic glasses, refer to the rules generally applied by the stylists . Do not lose sight of the fact that, like any accessory, sunglasses present the perfect opportunity to show off your personality.

Sunglasses as protective tools

Children first! The eyes of your offspring are even more fragile than yours. You must therefore take extra care: choose a model that will remain in place on their nose, possibly add an elastic to keep the frame in place and keep in mind that lateral leather shells will protect the sides of the eye. On holiday, sunglasses are more than ever a fashion accessory. But it is especially during this time that they must fulfill their roles as protection. So make sure your future frame is up to CE standards. For getaways in the snow, you will need to be even more cautious. Snow reflects 85% of UV rays. And these rays increase with altitude. So next time you think of mountains, remember to bring your very best protection.

And finally, do not hesitate, if your purse allows you, to opt for polarized lenses that remove reflections (and therefore glares) and glasses that filter out blue light. The latter, less known than UV, is also a cause of aging of the retina.

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